Roof Flashing Repair and Installation

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Roof Flashing Funnels Rain Water Off the Roof and Away from Your House.

Is water leaking through your roof valleys, edges, or chimney? Flashing is your roof’s final defense against these water leaks. Well-crafted flashing will effectively keep your interior dry by funneling water down towards your gutter. Malfunctioning flashing will direct water straight into your home. If you want guaranteed quality flashing installation and repair, call Vision Roofing LLC and speak with one of our many experienced roofers. For all questions about roof flashing in Alpharetta, GA, call us at (404) 410-1060.

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Back in the day, builders regularly used cement and tar as flashing for chimneys, roofing valleys and edges. While these flashing materials are great for ceiling off potential entry points for water, they tend to weaken over time due to natural corrosion and ultraviolet light. Once they become brittle, it is just a matter of time before leaks start dripping water into your home. These leaks can lead to water damage in your insulation, attic, and roof support. It can also create nasty mold or mildew.

That’s why Vision Roofing LLC uses modern, metal flashing for chimneys to provide long-term protection against water damage and corrosion. With metal, homeowners don’t have to worry about their flashing cracking and breaking from hail damage. It also creates an aesthetically pleasing finishing touch for your lovely chimney.

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A Metal Roof with Red Flashing

Corrosion and Rusting Can Weaken Your Flashing. Make Sure You Have Them Inspected.

If your flashing is starting to become brittle, corroded, or leaky, you can depend on Vision Roofing LLC to repair your flashing and prevent future leaks. If it has become too damaged, we can find a replacement material that’s perfect for your budget. Inexperienced roofing companies can hastily install flashing and funnel water towards your home’s exposed areas. With our expert roofers however, you can be confident in your flashing’s effective design and longevity.

If your flashing needs repairs or replacement, don’t wait until your roof starts pooling water. Give us a call at Vision Roofing LLC to speak with one of our courteous roofers. Our experts will be happy to inspect the flashing of your home and provide cost-effective solutions. To schedule an inspection for roof flashing in Alpharetta, GA, call us at (404) 410-1060.