Synthetic Shake Shingles Install & Repair

Synthetic Cedar Shake Roofing

Synthetic Cedar Shake Roofing Requires Little Upkeep Compared to Actual Wood.

Wood roofing represents one of the most attractive options for a home. Unfortunately, roofing materials like cedar shake shingles are expensive and require a great deal of maintenance. If you want the homey appearance of a cedar shake roof, but without the price tag or service requirements, consider synthetic cedar shake roofing from Vision Roofing LLC. We are experts with the installation and service of this material, and stand ready to serve the community.

Many homeowners in our service area have recognized the value of synthetic roofing. Vision Roofing LLC can install synthetic shake shingles in Alpharetta, GA. Synthetic shake shingles do not need the same maintenance as cedar shingles and the installation process is much easier. If you need additional information concerning our synthetic shake shingle choices, connect with us at (404) 410-1060.

Why Pick Synthetic Cedar Shake Roofing?

Synthetic Cedar Shake Roofing

Synthetic Roofing Can Offer All the Beauty of the Real Thing.

After a cedar roof has been completed, it requires a significant amount of extra upkeep. Algae and moss have to be removed from the roof every few months. Additionally, the shingles require periodic inspections to stay on top of wood rot caused by water damage. Installation of cedar shake shingles requires unique skills to account for the fact that the shingles are going to expand and contract with time. Synthetic shingles can be installed like traditional roofing shingles, and do not need a significant amount of upkeep. In fact, the only maintenance requirement for synthetic cedar shake roofing is a yearly examination.

Strong storms don’t generally affect synthetic shake shingles. Driving rain and winds as strong as 200 mph do not affect this roofing material. Synthetic shakes shingles are resistant to fire, mold, mildew, and termites. With such durability, not only will you not need to worry about upkeep, but you will also spend less money on future repairs.

Professional Installation Services

With synthetic shake shingles, you get a rustic, appealing roof that provides great protection for your home. Vision Roofing LLC is always here to assist with installing synthetic cedar shake roofing in Alpharetta, GA. When you would like more knowledge about these or other synthetic shingles, call our staff at (404) 410-1060. We provide professional roofing combined with excellent client service. We always work hard to make sure you receive the best possible roof for your home.