TPO Roof Repairs

Applying a New Membrane

TPO Membrane is Easy to Replace, and Your Old Membrane is Recyclable!

One of the sought after commercial roofing materials, TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) provides durable, lasting rooftop protection. TPO has been a popular roofing choice for businesses for almost 20 years now. At Vision Roofing LLC, our experienced roofers provide businesses with fast, cost-efficient TPO repairs that minimize disruption to your business operations. If your business needs TPO roofing repairs in Alpharetta, GA, give us a call at (404) 410-1060.

Signs Your TPO Roofing Needs Repairs or Replacement

Your roof has reached the end of its life cycle. TPO membrane roofing is usually expected to last around 20 years. Past the end of its life cycle, you may start to see dips in your roof’s energy efficiency. Thankfully, the TPO membrane is recyclable and very easy to replace for additional decades of protection.

Leaks are causing water damage in the ceiling. TPO roofing seams are welded to ensure strong waterproofing for your business. However, these seems can be corroded by ponding water or ultraviolet radiation over the years. Eventually, they can crack and allow small leaks into your building. Left alone, these leaks can develop into major water damage and mold. Make sure you talk to one of our expert roofers if you spot a broken seam on your roof and ask about our commercial coating options.

Sealing a TPO Membrane

Talk to One of Our Specialists if One of Your TPO Seams Leaks.

The membrane has become detached. After many years, your TPO membrane may become detached from the cover boards or insulation. Detached membrane allows leaks and pest to get past your roof. If the TPO padding separates from its base or laminate, call Vision Roofing LLC quickly and have an expert inspect your rooftop.

Trustworthy TPO Roofing Experts

With Vision Roofing LLC, you can trust our professional roofers to work with your business’ budgetary needs. Our roofers can provide repairs to maximize the longevity and energy efficiency of your roofing system. If necessary, they can also replace your TPO membrane quickly to minimize disruption to your business operation.

Has your TPO roof become damaged? Has your business’ roof reached the end of its lifetime and need replacement? You can trust the experts at Vision Roofing LLC to provide cost-effective repairs and replacement service. Talk to one of our roofers about your budget. Call (404) 410-1060 and ask about our TPO roofing repairs in Alpharetta, GA.