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Cool Roofing and Windows

Reflective Materials Prevents Your Roof from Wasting Energy to Replace Lost Air Conditioning.

When you choose a roof for your business, you want to make an investment that will last. One of the top causes of roofing wear and tear over time is ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Most roofing materials however are not designed to reflect UV rays, and they break down faster as a result. With reflective cool roofing materials however, your roof will be much better equipped to withstand ultraviolet light and save you money. If you’re interested in learning about cool roofing installation in Alpharetta, GA, talk to one of our expert roofers at Vision Roofing LLC. Give us a call (404) 410-1060.

The Key Benefits of Cool Roofing

Cool (reflective) roofing protects against solar wear and tear. Businesses that sit in direct sunlight are most susceptible. Normal rooftops will absorb most UV rays instead of reflecting them. Eventually, this radiation slowly breaks down and leaves them more vulnerable to impact damage from hail and wind tearing. This process is especially harmful for darker roof materials. Reflective roofing however, bounces off most UV rays instead of absorbing them. Working with your roof’s protective coating, this significantly slows down the breakdown of your business’ roof.

Cool Roofing with Exhaust Fans

Cool Roofing Protects Your Business Against Ultraviolet Radiation Damage by Deflecting UV Rays.

Reflective roofing can greatly lower your business’ energy loss. When a regular roof absorbs light, it heats up the materials and space beneath. To accommodate this extra heat entering the environment, your business’ air conditioning system consumes extra energy to produce more cooled air. Since your HVAC system represents a large portion of your business’ energy consumption, consider the utility savings your company could earn by switching to a cool roof model. If your business is trying to obtain green building certification, a cool roofing solution could take your building one major step toward meeting your goal.

Why wait to start saving on your monthly energy expenses? Our experienced roofers would love to talk with you about your budget and energy-savings goals. Give us a call at (404) 410-1060 and talk to us about your business. Just ask us about our cool roofing installation in Alpharetta, GA.