Green Roofing Installations

Green Roof

A Green Roof Provides a Host of Both Practical and Environmental Benefits.

Have you noticed increasingly high energy bills for your commercial building? Your aged roof may be the culprit. For a more energy efficient and sustainable roofing option, you might find installation of a green roof in Alpharetta, GA to be the perfect solution! As experienced contractors, we can help you with nearly any type of roofing installation or replacement service, according to your needs. Call (404) 410-1060 now to speak to one of our experts about the variety of roofing services we provide.

Green Roof Installation

Green Roof

Green Roofs Also Offer Protection from UV Rays and Rainfall.

Green roofing is a term that is utilized often and can apply to different things. Often, a green roof is any that improves a building’s energy efficiency and reduces its carbon footprint. From this perspective, an acrylic roof coating would transform any system into a green roof. This occurs for a couple of reasons. By allowing roofers to apply a roof coating in place of full replacement, the roof won’t get torn off and dumped in a landfill. Furthermore, roof coatings can improve a building’s UV resistance, which in turn leads to less energy waste. As a roof option with many benefits to the environment, roof coatings are considered a green roof option.

Sometimes, you will even hear the phrase green roofing utilized in reference to roofs that are literally green, due to vegetation. Commonly used in European cities, such roof systems are meant to not only provide cooling to the structure they are applied on, but additionally the air around them. Roof systems with live vegetation have been proven to drastically cut down on the temperature of their area. These types of green roof systems also play a role in providing additional growing space for native plant species. Through reduction of greenhouse gases and the urban heat effect, such roofs are considered another type of green roof.

Green Roofing at Its Finest

If you’d like to discover more, or if you’d like a quote for installation of a green roof in Alpharetta, GA, call our experts now at (404) 410-1060. If you’re interested in green roofing initiatives, our team of expert roofing contractors is glad to help. Quality roof systems are built with quality materials, and at Vision Roofing LLC we only use the best.