Foam Roof Repair & Installation

A Foam Spray System

Foam Roofing is Sprayed On, so it’s Very Easy to Apply.

What if your roof never had leaks again? Businesses often utilize flat or lightly sloped roofing to maximize their building’s storage space. However, this often leads to countless incidents of leaks and energy loss. Why? Because these systems rely on layered materials welded together at the seams. With foam roofing, your seamless roof will provide you with decades of protection. Are you looking for foam roofing installation in Alpharetta, GA? Talk to one of our expert roofers at (404) 410-1060, and tell them about your business’ roofing needs.

Why Foam Roofing?

Foam roofing is created from a special liquid composite that can be applied with a simple spraying process. After the quick installation process, the roof is sealed with an elastomeric coating **link** to maximize resiliency. Installation is straightforward and provides a number of cost saving benefits for your business.

Core Benefits of a Foam Roof

Foam roofing is waterproof. Flat rooftops are especially vulnerable to developing leaks. These lead to internal water damage, mold, and mildew hazards in your building. However, without welded seams for weather to break down and create leaks, you won’t have to worry about water damages after every thunderstorm. This waterproofing is one of the strongest benefits of a foam rooftop.

Sealed foam roofing provides enhanced UV protection. Ultraviolet radiation will corrode normal rooftops, causing the paint to chalk and the structural integrity to weaken over time. The elastomeric coating protects against this radiation damage and ensures a full life cycle for your roof.

Seamless Spray Foam

Seams are Vulnerable to Leaking, but Spray Foam Doesn’t have Seams.

A foam roof upgrades your building’s energy efficiency. Everybody would love lower energy expenses each month. By reflecting more sunlight and sealing in air conditioning, your HVAC system won’t have to consume extra energy to compensate. Considering that your HVAC system is one of the top utility expenditures for American businesses, think how much money your company could save!

Dependable Foam Roof Installation

Vision Roofing LLC has provided expert foam roof installations for many years. Our experienced roofing professionals can work with your company’s budget to maximize protection and energy efficiency while meeting your unique requirements. Give us a call today at (404) 410-1060 and ask about foam roof installation in Alpharetta, GA.