Commercial Roofing Company in Birmingham, AL

Commercial Roofing Company

We Offer Superb Installation Services for a Range of Commercial Materials.

Do you have reservations about the future viability of your commercial roof? Vision Roofing LLC is a full-service, dependable commercial roofing company. Whether you need maintenance, installation, or the complete replacement of a roof, our expansive expertise ensures superb work. The expense of commercial roofing is significant, so we approach any commercial roof project very seriously.

As a dedicated commercial roofing company in Birmingham, AL, we offer all the maintenance you need to preserve your roofing. We maintain a reliably high standard of service, whether you need a few small repairs, or the total replacement of your roof. When you necessitate a commercial roofing company in Birmingham, AL, make us the initial call. For more information, or to set up a time for work, call us now at (404) 410-1060.

Your Local Commercial Roofing Company

Commercial Roofing Company

We’re the Local Answer for Installation, Maintenance, and Repair for Commercial Roofs.

Modified bitumen, metal roofing, and flat roofing are all typical components of commercial roofing installations. With assorted needs for dependable service, a commercial roofing system benefits from a customized approach. The level of your commercial roof installation contributes a substantial impact on the future worth of your investment. When the time comes for roof work, you should count on Vision Roofing LLC and its staff of roof professionals.

Cool Roofs and Green Roofing

Commercial structures can derive a good amount of benefits from cool and green roofs. Cool roofs are those that redirect, rather than absorb, sunlight to lower a building’s facility’s internal temperature. Structures with cool roofing get lessened inside temperatures and necessitate less work from ACs. You can additionally rely on a longer lived roofing system, due to reduced degradation from the sun. When speaking of green roofing, the phrase can broadly involve any product with eco-friendly characteristics. It can also explicitly define a roof that provides a home for living greenery. When considered this way, a green roof offers premier defense from sunshine and rain, and helps reduce the urban heat island effect.

Commercial Roofer

Commercial Metal and Flat Roof Repair and Replacement

The variety of commercial services we provide reflects our desire to assist as many clients as we possibly can. Our installs of metal roofing optimize the system for incredible service and a long lifespan. We are furthermore the area experts for any repair to a flat roof. Our offerings with flat roof replacement are unequaled, so should you ever must pursue this project, make our team your first choice.

Roof Coatings

Roof Coating Restoration Specialists

Roof coatings supply a lot of advantages to commercial roofing. Flat roofing systems are prone to a common group of troubles, most of which become addressed following the installation of a flat roof coating. Other varieties of roofing systems that gain benefits from a roof coating include rubber, metal, and industrial. We only install high quality materials in our work, including new products like a urethane modified acrylic coat.

  • Flat Roof Coatings For assured protection of a flat roof and resolution of common problems, go for a flat roof coating.
  • Metal Roof Coatings You can restore your metal roof’s reflectivity and prevent rust with a metal roof coat.
  • Rubber Roof Coatings For superior protection of a rubber roof, choose one of our specialized coatings.
  • Industrial Roof Coatings Industrial roof coats help protect against the special hazards of industrial areas.
  • Urethane Modified Acrylic Urethane modified acrylic cures quickly and bonds with almost any roof.

Roof Restoration

Elastomeric, Silicone, Acrylic, SPF Foam, Polyurea

Roof restoration offers a valuable substitute for an expensive, time-consuming roof replacement. A full restoration can extend the service of your present roof by a decade or more, and costs just a fraction of replacement. We service a broad assortment of premium roof coatings, so you can depend on service despite your needs. As the top commercial roofing company in Birmingham, AL, we look forward to your next project. To pose any inquiries or set up service, contact our team right away at (404) 410-1060.

  • Spray Foam Roofing We will apply spray foam quickly to provide you seamless protection of your roof.
  • Silicone Coating A silicone coating generates no harmful byproducts as it cures, and offers unmatched water resistance.
  • Acrylic Coating Acrylic coats offer excellent reflectivity, and are so slick that grime and debris will not accumulate.
  • Polyurea Coating When you necessitate a premium roof coating, you’ve found it in polyurea. This material offers exceptional strength and durability.
  • Elastomeric Coating An elastomeric coating represents an economical option for installation on big buildings.
  • Commercial Roof Restoration When you think you could need roofing replacement, phone our team right away to discuss a money-saving restoration.

Single Ply Roofing

Single Ply TPO Replacement vs. Flat Roof Restoration

Single ply roofs have established themselves as a widespread selection for commercial roofing. Authorize our team to come inspect your roofing system before you pursue roof replacement. Often enough, products like TPO will render a roof a perfect target for restoration. Our flat roofing restoration work depends on the installation of a high-quality roof coat. Certain types of roofs, including TPO, for example, require specialized coatings to adhere to their surface. Naturally, we can help you select the most advantageous coating for your necessitites.

  • TPO Membranes A TPO membrane represents an affordable option for the roofing of your commercial building.
  • EPDM Membranes EPDM provides prolonged protection of your structure, at an affordable price.
  • PVC Membranes For the top-tier in single ply roofing, go with PVC.
  • Flat Roof Services For the ideal area contractor with flat roof repairs, choose our team.
  • Commercial Roof Replacement Vision Roofing LLC stands as the leading area contractor for commercial roofing system replacements.
  • Roof Restoration Roofing system restoration is a cost-effective substitute for replacement.